App rejected due to Improper Advertising Identifier [IDFA] Usage, why?

+ Apple requires that if your app has the ability to serve Ads, then Ads should be present when they review the app.

+ In order to be compliant with that, you will need to display Ads in your app for the review process to be finished.

+ You can create an Ad with the Custom Banner tool.
Simply download the image below.
Then upload the image to the Custom Banner section in Marketing Tools.

+ Ensure that the Standard option has been ticked and that you’ve added this URL:
cb settings (2)
+ Once done you can reply back to Apple via the Resolution Center.
+ Ask them to review your app again and let them know that based on their request, Ads have now been enabled for the app and can be seen on the home screen of the app.

+ Once your app has been approved you can switch off the custom banner.