Create iTunes App

Step 01 – Create an App in iTunes Connect

Login to your iTunes Connect account Here

Click on My Apps

Click on the top-left “+” icon to create a new app
New App2

NOTE: Your App’s Bundle ID should be in the list. You would have created the App ID in the Enable Push Section. If it is not showing, go back to Enable Push and follow the steps)

Click on the Create button

Step 02 – App Information

Click on the App Information tab in the left-sidebar menu

Enter the URL of your Privacy Policy page in the “Privacy URL” field
App Information Section

Scroll down to the Category section.
App Categories
Under the Primary section choose
Magazines & Newspapers (NB! Required).

In the subcategory sections that appear below, select niche specific keywords.

Secondary Category, select the main niche category for your app.


Step 03 – Pricing and Availability

Click on the Pricing & Availability tab in the left-sidebar menu.
In dropdown menu below Price Schedule, select USD 0 (Free).
The above selection will automatically alter the Availability section to be Available in all Territories.

Under the Volume Purchase Program section, select Available with no Discount.

Step 04 – App Details Section

Click on the 1.0 Prepare For Submission link in the left-sidebar menu.

Under Version Information section click on the iPhone button
NOTE: Upload your first iPhone screenshot 1242 x 2208px PNG file. Then click on the iPad button to add your first iPad screenshot 2048 x 2732px PNG file. Both images can be your Splash Page for now, other screenshots can be added later. For steps to add your remaining screenshots, visit Add More Screenshots post.

Scroll down to the Description field
App Description Enter a description about your app. You can use the template we created for you here (click to open). The bottom part of the template is important and must be added to your app description or your app will not be approved.

Next: Complete the following fields to the right of your app description.

Enter your app keywords in the keywords field

Enter the URL of your support page on the Support URL field

Enter the URL of your website in the Marketing URL field

Scroll down to General App Information section

Upload a 1024×1024 png App icon image.
IMPORTANT, the design must be identical to the 180 x 180px app icon you uploaded when you first created your magazine app in MagCast or Apple will reject your App.

Copy your App Version Number from MagCast and enter it in the version field.
Next to Rating click on the Edit link
Select the appropriate content type for your app (as per example below) and click on the Done button
In Copyright field enter your name or your company name
Confirm your company details.
Scroll down to App Review Information
Enter your contact details and some information about your magazine in the
Review Notes field
Scroll down to Version Release
Click on Automatically release this version
Click on the top-right Save button.
Congrats! Your App is now created in iTunes Connect.

Click the button below to go to the next step in the app setup…

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