Create MagCast App

Click here if you need info regarding the app images.

In the previous step, your Account Certificate was setup.
Once completed, a blue Create New Magazine button appeared in your account.
You are now ready to create your MagCast app.

Step 01

Click on Create New Magazine


Step 02

In the next screen, complete the following fields:

2A Add App Name – app name + (optional) short tagline (64 character limit)
2B Magazine Name – name shown in MagCast only.
2C App Images – Below is the list of image dimensions

App Splash Page Image (2048 x 2732px PNG format) – New size!
App Splash Page iPhone Image (640 x 960px PNG Format)
App Splash Page iPhone 6 Plus Image (1242 x 2208px PNG Format)

App Icon Image (180 x 180px PNG Format) – New size!
App Icon Image (1024 x 1024px PNG Format) – Uploaded in iTunes Connect

2D Subscription Teaser – this description will appear in the homescreen of your app.
2E Support Email – email readers can use to contact you for help.
2F Universal links associated sites domains


Step 03

click on Create App button

Click the button below to go to the next step in the app setup…

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