Creating a Paid Subscription


Select Auto Renewal In App Purchase

Login to iTunes Connect > click on My Apps > and then your App icon
In the next screen, click on Features

Click on the “+” icon next to In-App purchases

Click on the Select button for Auto-Renewal Subscription


Setup Subscription Name, Duration & Pricing

In the next screen, enter the name of your Subscription e.g. Monthly Subscription
And your Subscription’s Product ID
Click Next

In the next screen, add a Subscription Group Name.
NOTE: Your standard subscription durations will fall under this Subscription Group i.e. Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly
Click on Create

In the next screen, complete the following Subscription Settings.

Subscription Duration


2A – Select your subscription Duration.
+ 1 Week
+ 1 Month
+ 2 Months
+ 3 Months
+ 6 Months
+ 1 Year

2B – select a Free Trial period for your subscription
NOTE: This setting allows readers to test your app for a certain period. Once it expires, the standard price set for this subscription will be charged. Free Trial options available depend on duration selected.

2C – Select free subscription period to offer as an Marketing Opt-In incentive
NOTE: This setting is used to offer a free subscription in exchange for your reader’s emails. Subscriptions periods available depend on duration selected.

Subscription Prices

Click on Set Starting Price

In the next screen
2D – Select a Currency type for your App
2E – Select Price Tier
Click on Next
Your selection will process for a few minutes.
In the next screen, click on Create
Then click on OK


Click on the ‘+’ plus icon and select the main Language for your app

In the next screen
2F – Add the Subscriptions Name
2G – Add a short description for the subscription

Review Information

NOTE: This section is used by the Apple Reviewer only.
You will need to upload a 768×1024 PNG image (for example your first Magazine cover)
Select your image and click Open
Wait till image has uploaded and is visible.
Click on Save.

Subscription Group Localisation

Click on your Subscription Group in the left-sidebar menu

Under Localisation
click on the ‘+’ plus icon and select the main language for the Subscription Group

In the next screen, complete the settings fields.

Once Saved, you can view your new subscription by clicking on the In App Purchases section in the left-sidebar menu.
It’s status should show Ready to submit in In App Purchases section.

For steps to create additional paid subscriptions, click here.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete your inApp purchase, you can always click on it and edit the information. If you delete it, Apple will NOT let you select the same Product id as shown above. If you do not use the same Product ID, the subscription will not work.

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