Enable Flurry Analytics

This tool is compatible with:  

Step 01

Go to Developer Yahoo
Scroll down and click on Flurry Analytics icon

In the next screen, click on Sign Up button


In the next screen, complete the Account Setup form and click on Create Account


In the next screen, you will receive a notification to activate your account


Step 02

Open the email account and the email sent from Flurry Analytics
Click on the blue Click to Activate Account button


This will open the Flurry Analytics dashboard in a new tab
An email verification notice will appear


Once processed, you will be redirected to the login page
Use login details chosen for your Flurry account and login


Step 03

In the next screen, you will receive a Welcome notification, with steps to setup the SDK for your app.

To proceed, click on the blue Arrow button


In the next screen, select iOS platform and click on the blue Arrow button


In the next screen, enter the name of your app > click on the blue Arrow button


Since your app already has the Flurry SDK included in the binary, you will not need to download the SDK or complete the remaining steps.

Simply click on the blue Arrow button until you reach the Flurry Analytics dashboard


Step 04

Once in your Dashboard, click on Admin at the top of the screen
Click on Applications in the left-sidebar menu

12-FlurryCopy API

Here you will find the app that you just created in the setup wizard

Under the API Key section, copy the API number provided

This is your app’s unique identifier needed to track analytics for your app.

Step 05

Go back to MagCast > click on the Marketing Tools menu and select Flurry Analytics


In the next screen, tick Check this box to Enable Flurry Analytics for your app
Paste the API key copied from Flurry Analytics in the field provided.


Click on Save Changes

That’s it! Flurry Analytics will begin tracking the activity in your app.