Enable Push

Step 01

Click Setup menu > then select Enable Push


Step 02

In the next screen, click on Generate CSR button


Step 03

Open Apple Developer Provisioning Portal in a new tab.

Step 04

Once logged in, click on Certifcates, ID’s & Profiles section


Step 05

In the next screen, select Identifiers section

Click on the Plus “+” icon in the top-right corner


Step 06

Under App ID description, add your App name [no tagline]


Go back to MagCast > Enable Push section.
Copy the Bundle ID provided

Go back to the Developer Portal > Identifiers section
Scroll down to the App ID Suffix section
Under Explicit App ID, paste your Bundle ID into the field provided.

Scroll down to the App Services section
Select Push Notifications

Click on Continue

In the next screen, click Submit

In the next screen, click Done


The app Bundle ID is ready.

Step 07

Next, you will be taken back to iOS App IDs screen

Click on the Bundle ID you’ve just created.
You will see that Push notifications is in a Configurable state

Click Edit


Step 08

In the next screen, scroll down and tick the Push Notifications section to enable it.
Under Production SSL Certificate section, click Create Certificate


In the next screen, click Continue


Step 09

Click Choose File and select the CSR file you downloaded from MagCast (##ua.CSR)

Click on Generate
This may take a few minutes.


Step 10

Once complete, click Download to download and save aps.cer file to your computer


Step 11

Go back to Magcast > Enable Push section

Scroll down to Step 5: Upload .CER File here

Click on Browse and select the .CER file you have just downloaded (aps.cer)

Click Upload


Click the button below to go to the next step in the app setup…

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