How do I close down my Magazine?

Step 01 – Inform Subscribers

You will need to inform all your subscribers that you will no longer be publishing your magazine. Subscribers can request a refund directly from Apple via the Report a problem link on their receipt.

Step 02 – Remove All In App Purchases

You will need to remove all your In App Purchases from sale in App Store Connect and untick your subscriptions in the Subscription section of MagCast (setup menu).

Here are the steps to remove an In App Purchase from sale in App Store Connect.

Login to App Store Connect > Click My Apps > then Select your App
Next, click on Manage under In App Purchases in the left-sidebar menu.
Click on the In App Purchase you want to remove.
Once open, under Availability near the top of the page, untick the checkbox.
Then click Save.

**repeat these steps to remove all In App Purchases from sale.

Step 03 – Remove App From Sale

You need to remove your app from sale in the App Store.

This can be done in the Pricing and Availibility section in the left-sidebar menu.

Tick the Remove from sale option under the Availability section.

Step 04 – Inform Support

Once all the above steps have been completed, let us know and we will inform billing to cancel your MagCast Subscription and we will deactivate your account.

Please note that your account and respective content will remain yours, should you wish to use your magazine and accounts again at a later stage.