How to Create an Account Distribution Certificate

Before attempting this step, ensure that the following accounts are setup and ready.

+ Apple Developer Program – view setup steps here

+ Apple Contracts, Tax and Banking (iTunes Connect) – view setup steps here

+ Amazon S3 account – view setup steps here

Account [Distribution] Certificate

Step 01open your App and click on the green Account Certificate button


Step 02 – in the next screen, click Generate CSR button
Your user.csr file will begin to download to your computer


Step 03 – Open Apple Developer Provisioning Portal in a new tab.

In the next screen, select Certificates, ID’s & Profiles in the left-sidebar menu.


In the next screen, ensure that All is selected under the Certificates section


Click on the “+” Plus Icon in the top-right corner.


Step 04 – In the next screen, scroll down to Production section.

a.) click App Store and Ad Hoc
b.) scroll down, click Continue



c.) In the next screen, click Continue in Certificate signing Request (CSR) section


Step 05 – in the next screen, click on Choose file

a.) select user.csr file previously saved to your computer
b.) click Open
c.) click on Generate button to create your IOS_Distribution.cer file


Step 06 – Once Certificate is ready, click the Download button and IOS_Distribution.cer file will download to your computer.


Step 07 – Go back to the Account Certificate section of MagCast (App Center)

Scroll down to Step 4: Upload the Apple Distribution Certificate section

a.) click on Browse
b.) select ios_distribution.cer
c.) click on Open
d.) click Submit button


Step 08 – once uploaded, check your Browser Address bar to confirm if upload worked.


If it says (stat=ok), then your Account Certificate has successfully been created!

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