How to setup a Chartboost Account

Go to to get started creating your Chartboost account

In the next screen, click on Get Started


Create Your Account

In the next screen, fill out the form provided


Tick and complete the Recaptcha section
Read and tick the I Accept the Terms and Conditions section
Click Sign Up to create your account

Once done your form will be processed and your account will be created for you.

Add Your App

Add your app to the Chartboost dashboard.
This will generate an App ID and App Signature, which you will need to enable Chartboost feature in MagCast

Step 01

In the Chartboost Dashboard click on Start Making Money


Step 02

In the next screen, in the “Companysearch bar, add the name of the company you publish your apps under in the App Store

Note: If you are publishing your app as an individual, add your name instead

The Chartboost search engine will bring up a list of all apps published under your company name


Tick the app you want to add to Chartboost
Click on Add Selected


In the next screen, select both Landscape and Portrait orientation
Click on Next


Your selection will be processed and you will return to the Dashboard

That’s it, your account and first app have been setup in Chartboost
Click on Chartboost for steps to enable this feature in MagCast