How to Setup Google Admob account

Go to to get started creating your Admob account.

In the next screen, click on Sign Up

In the next screen, complete the following sections

01 Select your Google Account

Sign in with your Google Account Logins or create a new Google Account


02 Complete AdSense information

2A – Select a Country or Territory
(Select the country you are located in)

Then complete the contact detail fields that appear below

2B – Select Email Preferences for notifications received from Adsense

Click on Continue


03 Complete AdWords Information

If you don’t already have an AdWords account, complete the details below for Admob to create one for you

3A – Select the timezone you are located at.

3B – Select the Billing Currency for your AdWords account

Click on Continue


04 Review AdMob program Policies

Once familiar with AdMob Program Policies and Terms & Conditions, tick
I have read and agree to abide by the program policies and Terms & Conditions

Then click on Create Admob Account


05 Start Using AdMob

Click on Get Started to access your account