Setup or Resize your App Images using Canva

If you need to create graphics for your app, such as your App Splash images and App icons, then we recommend taking a look at this easy to use design tool: CANVA. It’s a free online design platform and has fantastic design tools at your finger tips.

To get started, go to and create an account for yourself. Once setup and logged in, you are ready to design.

Create App Images

To make your app images from scratch, simply start with a blank canvas.

  • In your Canva account dashboard, click on the Use Custom Design button in the top-right corner.
  • A pop-up will appear providing you with sizing options for your new canvas /design project. Ensure that the PX option is selected, as all our image dimensions are measured in pixels.

    iOS App Images
    You will need to create a single Splash image in the following dimensions:
    + App Splash Page Image (2048 x 2732px PNG format)
    + App Splash Page iPhone Image (640 x 960px PNG Format)
    + App Splash Page iPhone 6 Plus Image (1242 x 2208px PNG Format)

    Your small and large app icon must be identical:
    + Small App Icon (180 x 180px PNG Format)
    + Large App Icon(1024 x 1024px PNG Format)

    Required Screenshots for your App listing:
    + iPhone Xs Max (6.5″) (1242 x 2688px JPG Format)
    + iPhone 6 Plus (5.5″) (1242 x 2208px JPG Format)
    + iPad Pro (12.9″) (2048 x 2732px JPG Format)

  • Android App Images
    + Large App Icon (512 x 512px PNG Format: with alpha channel)
    + Small App Icon (180 x 180px PNG Format)
    + Feature Graphic (1024 x 500px PNG Format: no alpha channel)

  • Once your image dimensions have been added, click on DESIGN!
  • Your project will open in a new tab and you can begin designing your image.
  • For an overview on how to use Canva’s design tools, click on help articles below.
    + Select a Template
    + Edit Text
    + Add photos and illustrations

Resize App Images

If you already have your Splash image designed and you would like to resize it in to the various dimensions needed, simply follow these steps.

  • Back in your Canva dashboard, click on the Use Custom Design button in the top-right corner.
  • Add the relevant image dimensions you want and click on DESIGN!
  • Your project will open in a new tab and you can start resizing your Splash images.
  • In the left-sidebar menu, click on the UPLOADS icon.
  • When open, simply drag your designed Splash image (PNG or JPG) from your computer on to the Uploads image area. It should begin to upload immediately to your Canva account.
  • Once the upload is complete, drag your Splash image from the Uploads area straight on to your design canvas. From here you can resize your Splash image to fit the canvas size. Save your changes.
  • Now you are ready to export your resized Splash image as a PNG file.
    Simply click on the DOWNLOAD button at the top of your project page.
    For your app images, make sure that the File Type is set to PNG.
    Then click on DOWNLOAD button.

Your new resized Splash image will now begin downloading to your computer.