Step 1 – Android App Setup

Step 1: Add Your App

+ Login to the Google Play Console
+ Once open, in your App dashboard, click on Create Application
+ A pop-up window will appear, under Default Language select the language for your app
+ Under Title, paste in the name of your app
+ Click on Create

The Product Details section of your app will now appear

Step 2: Your App details

In the Product Details page

+ Add a Short (max. 80 characters) and Long (max. 4000 characters) description for your magazine in the description fields provided. Check out Google Play’s Metadata policy to avoid some common violations related to app metadata.

+ Scroll down to the Graphic Assets section and upload the following images

    Recommended dimensions 768 x 1024px
    These screenshots can be used for all screenshot types
    i.e. Phone | Tablet | Android TV | Android Wear
    App Icon
    located under Hi-Res Icon
    Required dimensions: 512x512px
    Image Format: 32-bit PNG (with alpha)
    Feature Graphic
    located under Feature Graphic
    Required Dimensions: 1024 x 500px
    Image Format: JPG or 24-bit PNG (no alpha)

+ Scroll down to the Categorization section and complete following fields

    Under Application Type > select Application
    Under Category > select appropriate category for your app

+ Scroll down to the Privacy Policy section and paste in your Privacy Policy Url
+ Once done, click on Save Draft at the top of the page.

Step 3: Your Licence Key

+ From the left-sidebar menu, click on Services & API’s
+ Under Licensing & in-app billing, copy your license key
+ Go back to MagCast > Android Setup Menu
+ Select Setup App
+ Scroll down to Step 3: Your Licence Key and paste your license key in the field provided.
+ Once done, click on Submit

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