Step 3 – Enable Google Analytics Tracking for This App

Step 01

Go to MagCast > click Android Setup menu > and then select Google Analytics


Step 02

Next, login to your Google Analytics account here in a new tab.

Click on Sign In > and select Google Analytics


Step 03

In the next screen, click on Admin


In the next screen, you will find two options.


Option A – Setting up Analytics for your app for the first time.
Click on the Account dropdown menu, click on Create New Account


Option B – Used Analytics before and have an Account setup
Click on the Property dropdown menu, click on Create New Property


Step 04

In the next screen, for either Option A or B above, click on Mobile App


Step 05

In the next screen, the following fields must be completed.

5AAccount Name: use the name of your app

5BApp name: use the name of your App

5CIndustry Category: select a category that best matches your niche.

5DReporting Time Zone: leave setting as is.


Once done, scroll down and click on Get Tracking ID

Step 06

In the next screen, copy Tracking ID


Step 07

Go back to MagCast > Android Google Analytics section

Paste it in Tracking ID under in the field provided.

Then click on Submit


Click the button below to go to the next step in the app setup…

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