Step 3 – Setup Your Amazon S3 Account

You can sign up for Amazon S3 here

To get access to the Amazon S3 features, you will need to create an AWS Account. To do this simply click on Create an AWS Account in the top-right corner.

In the next screen, complete the form and click on Continue.

In the next screen, complete the Contact Information Form
And then click on Create Account and Continue

In the next screen, complete your Payment Information and then click on Secure Submit

In the next screen, add Phone Number for Phone Verification
+ Complete the Security Check
+ Then click on Call Me Now button

+ You will receive an Automated Call on your phone.
+ Simply type in the Pin provided by AWS when prompted during the call.

+ Once verification is successful, you will receive a popup confirmation on your screen.
Simply click on Continue.

In the next screen, select the Free Support Plan to get started.

Once you have received your confirmation email from Amazon S3 , go to your new AWS Management Console and Sign In

Once logged in:
+ click on your Profile Name in the top-right corner
+ then click on My Security Credentials from the drop down menu.

+ A pop-up will appear, click on Continue to Security Credentials button


In the next screen, click on Access Keys toggle

For first time users, click on Create New Access Key

Click Download Key File to save Access Keys file to your computer.
NB! Store this file [rootkey.csv] in a safe place, as these access keys will be needed later on.


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