Step 4 – Android App Setup

Step 01 – Build your App

Now that you have setup the Push Notification and Google Analytics for you app, you are ready to Build your app. Go back to the MagCast dashboard and click on the blue Build Android or red Update Your App button
Your app will be placed in the queue and when built you will receive an email
Click on the Download Android button to download the app file
The Zip file contains your app.
Extract the zip file and you will find the APK file inside

TIP! If the zipped file does not open properly, we recommend using the app, Stuffit Expander, to unzip your file.

Download PC Version
Download Mac Version

Simply drag your zipped file directly on to the Stuffit Expander app
Choose a location for the file and Stuffit Expander will unzip the file for you.

This is the file you will need in the next steps.

Step 02 – Setup your app on Google Play Store

Login to your Google Play Console and open your app.
In the next screen, click on the App Releases in the left-sidebar menu
In the next screen, under Production > click on Manage Production

In the next screen, under Create release, click on Create Release button
The Google Play App Signing pop-up will appear, click on Not Now button
In the next screen, under APKs to add, click on Upload APK button.
A pop-up will appear, click on Browse Files button to select your APK file from your computer or simply drag and drop the file on to the upload area.

Once selected, your APK file will begin to upload automatically.
Once the upload process is complete, the APK will appear in the APKs to add section.

Under Release Name, the field will automatically update with the App Version number

Step 03 – Content Rating

Once your APK has been uploaded, click on Content Rating in the left-sidebar menuScreenshot_053017_110617_AM
In the next screen, click on the blue Continue buttonScreenshot_053017_110725_AM
In the next screen, enter the email address linked to your Google Play Console
Under Select your app category, select the appropriate Category for your app

We recommend Entertainment, as most MagCast niches fall under this category.
In the next screen, complete the rating questions provided for the selected category.
Once done, click on Save Questionnaire
Then click on Calculate Rating
In the next screen, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Apply Rating.
Once processed, the applied will rating for your app will appear.Screenshot_053017_112332_AM

Step 04 – App Distribution

Click on Pricing & Distribution in the left-sidebar menu

Under This Application Is, click on the Free button
Under Countries, click on Available if you want your app to be distributed to all countries

Under Primarily Child-Directed, select the appropriate option based on the niche of your app

Under Contains Ads – confirm whether or not your app has Ads.

Scroll down to Consent section
Leave Google Play for Education box unchecked unless you want your app to be part of that
Leave the Marketing opt-out box unchecked unless you want to opt out from that program
Ensure Content guidelines box is checked
Ensure US export laws box is checked

Once done, click on Save Draft at the top of the page
That’s it you are done!

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