Step 6 – Magazine Subscription In App Purchase

Step 01 – Setup Your Subscription On Play Store

Create a Paid Subscription
Login to your Google Play Console

TIP! Before you proceed, ensure that the Payment Settings for your app has also been completed.

To access the Payment Settings for your app.
Click on Settings in the left-sidebar menu > then select Payment Settings

For specific guidance on how to complete this section, we recommend reaching out to the Google Payments Merchant Team.

Once done, go back to your account dashboard and click on your app.
Click on the In-App products tab in the left-sidebar menu
Click on the inApp Products tab
Click on Add New Product
In the next screen, select SubscriptionScreenshot_053017_123032_PM
Enter the Subscription Product ID.
These Product ID’s are located in the Subscription section of MagCast (Android Setup menu).

TIP! Be sure to check the box to enable the selected subscription plan in MagCast and enter a Display Name. This Display Name will be used in your Magazine. You will also find the Product ID as a reference for that plan.

Once done, click on Continue
In the next screen, enter Your Subscription Title in the title field
Enter a brief description for the subscription
Under the Pricing section
05a – Click on Add a Price and enter your subscription price in the Default Price field
05b – Select the relevant countries for Local Pricing
Once done, click on Apply
Tip! You can NOT change the price and billing period for your subscription after it was activated.
06 – Select Subscription duration for your subscription Billing Period
e.g. Weekly, Monthly, 3 Months, 6 Months, Yearly, Seasonal
07 – If you want to offer a trial period enter the amount of days
08 – You can also offer readers a grace period of 3-7 days for any declined period. Users have until the end of the grace period to fix their payment issue. Otherwise, their subscription will be revoked.

Once done, scroll up and click on the Inactive dropdown and Select Activate

TIP! if you want to create another subscription (yearly for example) repeat the steps but use one of the other Product IDs available in the Subscription section of MagCast.

Step 02 – Enable Subscription Plans & Details

Go back to Android Subscription section in MagCast
Make sure that your Subscription is ticked and labeled
This is an important step. If missed, your Subscription will not be visible in your app.
Click on Submit to save your Subscription

To create a FREE Magazine Subscription
No In App Product is needed in the Google Play Console, in order for the Free Subscription to work. Simply check the box next to the Free Subscription plan and give it a Display Name.
This will immediately enable the Free Subscription for your app.

Once done, click on Submit to save your Subscription
That’s it, your Subscription is ready.

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