Why won’t Apple allow me to add a new version to App Store Connect?

If the iOS option is greyed out in iTunes Connect, this means that a new app version is already open. The workaround for this is to simply update the version number of the open app version to the new version number.

STEP 1. To do this, simply follow these steps.
+ Click on the app version in the left-sidebar menu.
+ Scroll down to the General App Information section.
+ Just below your app icon you will find the app’s version number field.
+ Paste in the number provided in MagCast and save changes.

STEP 2. Go back to MagCast:
+ Click on the red Update Your App button.
+ In the next screen, follow the steps provided.
+ Once done, scroll down and tick the box next to:
Yes, I swear I made these changes and everything is ready
+ Click on Save Changes.

STEP 3. Back in MagCast:
+ Click on the blue Update Your App or Build iOS button.
+ Your app version will begin to build.

STEP 4. Once your app is built:
+ Click on the green Download iOS button.
+ You might have to refresh the page after a short while.

STEP 5. Once your binary has downloaded to your computer:
+ Upload your binary to Apple via Application Loader.
+ You can download the latest version here.

STEP 6. Once you binary has been uploaded:
+ Go back to iTunes Connect and submit your app for review.
+ For steps to do this, please visit Upload Your App

Tip! If your build in iTunes Connect is greyed out and cannot be selected, this simply means Apple is still processing your binary. Simply wait a bit longer, the build will become available.